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You can benefit greatly if you are a content creator:

Film Makers, Producers, Distributors, Translators: Cut the middleman and let your work connect DIRECTLY with your audience. Most importantly, you have full ownership & customization rights, and full protection.

Sports Video: Sports video in VOD or OTT format are on the rise. More people tune in to this form of entertainment from all sorts of devices than live sports - because they want to watch that awesome score moment just once more - even when on the move. Launching a sports brand OTT app or web platform guarantees you an endless supply of sports fans who will likely choose you as their #1 channel to watch.

Edutech: E-learning has evolved into a new baseline for teaching, given the pandemic and larger trends shifting in the industry. OTT, VOD and video conferencing can be used to educate in a proper online-classroom experience with minimal cost and effort.

Corporate: MNCs, corporations, startups alike use VOD and OTT apps / websites to connect with their teams, disseminate and promote their internal training videos, and keep a repo of highly relevant content ready on hand.

Journalists / News: News broadcasters and individual journalist are overly dependent on Youtube and their content policies - so if your video is showing something they don't like it can be taken down. Your private platform remains in your control - so all you need to is get one built!