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Your Brand, Your Domain
Starts at $0/mo +
Infra Costs
$499/mo +
Infra Costs
$899/mo +
Infra Costs
Contact Us
Free Storage (video minutes) 100 mins 5000 mins 50K mins 200K mins
Free Bandwidth (video minutes) 500 mins 25K mins 250K mins 1M mins
[Optional] Mobile App (each) $99/mo $99/mo Included Included
Google Shaka Player See Demo
Player See Demo
- Customize Player UI
- Video-On-Demand / MP4
- HLS/DASH/Live Stream
ZenCoder See Demo
- Adaptive BitRate (ABR)
Ready Website & Admin
Basic Analytics Dashboard
Advanced Analytics
Dedicated Server
DRM WideVine/ClearPlay

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  • PAYG = Pay As You Go. This plan is primarily for Trial purposes and comes with limitations. While the plan is free, a deposit of $10 is required - the corresponding amount of space and bandwidth will be made available to you.
  • You will be notified if your projected usage in the next 24 hours exceeds the limits of your plan. It is recommended to deposit funds to ensure seamless usage. In future we may provide post-paid billing, but that is not currently available.
  • We use Stripe as our payment gateway, and do not support other options. Please ensure your credit/debit card is capable of making a payment to the United States.
  • All features may not be available in every player